Loan Officers – The Tale Of The Average Mortgage Loan Officer

Loan Officers - The Tale Of The Average Mortgage Loan OfficerI once talked to a Loan Officer whose only goal was to close more loans. He had a plan he told me. He was going to send out postcards and mailers then follow up with phone calls asking the client if they wanted to refinance.

On top of that, he was planning on taking about 2 days a week and visit Realtor offices and drop off information for the Realtors. Not just rate sheets Continue reading

No Money Down Real Estate Financing

No Money Down Real Estate FinancingOne of America’s billionaires was recently asked the questions, “How do you do it? What is your number one wealth building secret?” Without even one second of hesitation he replied, “find what it is that people need the most, and give it to them.”

Remember that statement. — Give it to them.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to acquire real estate. In future articles, I will be sharing Continue reading

Writing a Successful Hardship Letter

Writing a Successful Hardship LetterWith thousands of foreclosures happening and a predicted second wave coming, loan modification has become increasingly popular for struggling homeowners. Lenders daily have to sift through hundreds of credible and disingenuous applications. The hardship letter most of the time is the only thing that sets homeowner applications apart. If you write a proper hardship letter, with all important information Continue reading

The Basics of Loan Modification

The Basics of Loan ModificationMany homeowners are struggling and with a predicted second wave of foreclosures, lenders are modifying home loans like never before. If are you having trouble paying your mortgage you may want to consider loan modification as an option. A loan modification is a permanent agreement between your and your lender that lowers your monthly mortgage payments. That is done with Continue reading

5 Great Reasons to Finance With an FHA Mortgage!

5 Great Reasons to Finance With an FHA Mortgage!FHA mortgages are great for people looking to purchase a home and current homeowners who want to refinance their mortgages. With all of the advantages this type of loan offers, borrowers can finance their homes and save money in the process! A low down payment requirement and competitive rates leave borrowers with more money to spend on other expenses.

Easy to Qualify

The Federal Continue reading

Prospecting – Begin With The End In Mind

Prospecting - Begin With The End In MindBegin with the end in mind for better clarity in obtaining your goals. This is an exercise that will force you to focus on exactly what you must do to obtain what you want.

For loan agents this might be listing first your highest goal, i. e. “closing a loan” and then listing (in reverse order) what is necessary in the process of a successful closing. i. e. “9. Close the loan”, Continue reading

Mis-Sold Mortgage – Are You a Victim?

Mis-Sold Mortgage - Are You a Victim?The amount of mis-sold mortgage claims is increasing daily. This has happened due to greedy lenders, who wanted to increase their share in the market.

These lenders pay high commissions and fees to the mortgage brokers. When applying for a mortgage, many customers thought they had made the correct choice by choosing a qualified mortgage advisor. The fact that these mortgage brokers were based in nice Continue reading

The Benefits of a Secured Homeowner Loan

The Benefits of a Secured Homeowner LoanSecured homeowner loans are loans that are secured against the home of the borrower, and therefore are only available to homeowners.

You will find a number of lenders that offer secured homeowner loans, and it is important to compare different loans because interest rates, repayments periods, and terms can vary from one lender to another. You will find some very competitive deals on secured homeowner Continue reading

3 Keys to Finding Out If a Mortgage is Right For You

3 Keys to Finding Out If a Mortgage is Right For YouI know it is a radical idea but not every one is in the financial position they need to be to take on a mortgage. While you monthly payments may be the same as they would be for rent, there are usually some initial up front costs and you will have to pay for insurance and various other monthly or annual costs which are currently taken care of by your landlord.

Owning you own home Continue reading